I’m Tired of Heartbreaks – 17 Years beautiful girl breaks down on Live Video (Watch)Grols

A 17-year-old ady has disclosed that she is tired of living as she recounted her heartbreaking experience.

Via her TikTok page, @dabbieofficial2, the lady revealed that her family members participated in her state of depression.

According to the her, she got neglected by her family after getting pregnant at her tender age. The word layered on the video reads, “I’m only 17 and I’m already tired of life.

The lady explained, “I woke up this morning and wanted to do my normal house chores…Then my friends walked in and was like you aren’t dressed up yet…I said no for wat exactly…Then they told me today is my elder sis child dedication…And no one in the family bothered to tell me 🥺😭😭💔💔…At this point it was obvious no one wanted me around…But wat do they really want from me😭😢😭…Im tired, How do I continue living this way😭😭🥺…”

“This people are making me remember every single thing I forgot about…I know how hard it was for me to cope and hold on up to this point,,,I thought they were just angry about the whole pregnancy but wen I’ve finally done wat they wanted me to do badly…They’re still avoiding me like a plague😭😭😭…I know the pains I past through for days…The whole guilty conscience I was facing thinking it was gonna please dem but I was wrong…They don’t care a bit whether I survive or not…None gives a f**k😭😭😭…I regret every single thing I did 💔💔💔😥…I no longer have peace of mind”.

Watch the video below:

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