Reason Why I Divorced My Beautiful Wife To Marry House Maid – Man Tells Court watch video

The complexities of a divorce and subsequent remarriage to the housekeeper, followed by the wife’s decision to bring the husband to court in an attempt to reconcile, add layers of drama to this familial situation.

Such personal stories often reflect the intricate dynamics and challenges within relationships.

The wife claims she has always loved and treasured her husband with all of her heart, so she was startled to learn that he was capable of treating her in such a way.

When the husband was asked in court to address his wife’s accusations, he replied that he had already made up his mind and that nothing would alter it.

The spouse stated in front of the court that he is sick of the union. He bemoaned the extreme laziness of his wife and her refusal to perform any household duties. The maid has been in charge of all tasks, including preparing meals for the family.

He continued by saying that after he had complained numerous times, various elders had called the two of them and had made an effort to resolve the issue, but to no avail.

He continued by saying that the wife only gives the maid instructions for housework while she is on her phone or watching TV.

The husband claimed that the wife would do all the chores, including cooking for the maid, on the weekends when she doesn’t go to work. She no longer prepares my favorite meals the way she used to when we first got married. She spends her weekends only getting ready for Kitchen Party Committees and occasionally returning him inebriated.

The husband requested that the court look at his wife’s long nails and determine if someone with such nails is capable of doing any housework.

However, the husband refuses to change his mind about marrying the maid, who has been in charge of looking after the kids and cleaning the house.


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