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Sometimes when you decide to give it out to them, they just mishandle I think keeping my Kpékus safe with me is better

Keeping your Kpékus safe with you is a wise decision. Firstly, it ensures that you maintain control over their handling and usage. When you entrust something valuable to others, there’s always a risk of mishandling or damage, intentionally or unintentionally. By retaining possession, you minimize these risks and can personally ensure the proper care of your Kpékus.

Secondly, having your Kpékus with you allows for immediate access. Whether you need them for a specific purpose or simply want to enjoy their presence, having direct and instant access eliminates any delays or inconveniences associated with retrieving them from someone else. This convenience can be crucial in various situations.

Furthermore, keeping your Kpékus with you fosters a sense of responsibility. Knowing that you are personally accountable for their safety and well-being encourages a more mindful approach. This sense of ownership can lead to better preservation and appreciation of your Kpékus, as opposed to relying on others to uphold these standards.
Additionally, by safeguarding your Kpékus, you maintain their confidentiality. Certain items may hold personal or sensitive information, and by keeping them in your possession, you control who has access to such details. This helps protect your privacy and prevents any unintended disclosure.

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